Core Principles

A community orchestra is a collection of diverse individuals, which that diversity should be fostered, encouraged, and celebrated. We all have different reasons for getting involved and have different gifts and skill levels. Yet there are certain things that we have in common that unify our efforts and define the character of our ensemble. We can summarize our core principles using the following 10 statements:

  • We believe that the performing arts are essential ingredients in building a high quality of life for individuals and communities.
  • We believe that all performing groups in the Omaha area should be valued for what each of them contributes to enhance the total musical climate of our community, rather than be in competition with each other.
  • We believe that amateur musicians are valuable assets to the musical life of any community, believe that they should be given a chance to grow and learn, and improve on their technique, whatever stage of experience they are.
  • We believe that the concerts offered should be of musical interest, enjoyable to the public, and supportive of local artists.
  • We believe that rehearsals and concerts should be inspiring, edifying and meaningful for the participants.
  • We believe that each musician should manifest musical integrity and strive for continuous growth and self-improvement.
  • We believe that mutual respect and camaraderie should permeate every aspect of orchestral activity.
  • We believe that the significance of the arts justifies a commitment to excellence in performance and administrative procedures.
  • We believe that each section of the orchestra should be chaired by persons with experience and leadership gifts.
  • We believe that a passion for music and the pursuit of a high standard of performance will be normal for all participants.

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